About Us

Sabai Art is a brand to build Ancient Art to a strong foundation. It brings the chances to give employment to village people and farmers.
And also you are now starting to use the natural handwoven daily use products with us. We are making a collective movement that will drive force to make chances in this developing world.
We don’t want to make behavioral changes in everyone’s life but we always want to provide the solutions for a sustainable lifestyle. At Sabai Art, We welcome you all to get all natural Sabai Grass Handwoven Products.

Our Vision

To Create Environment-Friendly Products that are 100% safe for all Humankind.

Our Mission

We want to connect the whole world to one platform that supports you to take one step towards nature.

What is SabaiArt?

SabaiArt is an e-commerce platform for Daily Use of Home Products made with Sabai Grass.

What do We Do at Sabai Art?

Sabai is a type of grass that grows in the lowlands of many parts of India. SabaiArt is a manufacturer of these grass-based natural products and it directly sells its product to you.

Note From
the founder of


For several years we are used to factory-manufactured products. And it generates much more plastic and other non-destroyable matter on the earth. And being human we should anyhow maintain it, we have to save our earth by not filling plastic waste everywhere. SABAI ART is an initiative to take a step towards nature and for that, you can use grass-made products instead of heavy plastic products.

“ Transformation doesn’t mean, we only care about development, You should create and use Environment-Friendly products.”

We, At SabaiArt, are providing you…

✅ Daily used Buckets, containers, Coasters, Home Decor, and Kitchen Essential Products that are made with Sabai Grass.

✅ Our all Products are made with 100% Sabai grass and all are hand woven.

✅This is the initiative of a Small Village in Uttarakhand, INDIA. And Our vision is to reach every corner of the world.

"Founder SABAI ART"